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We provide services to consignee/suppliers who feel that they benefit through a transshipment via Colombo Harbour, Sri Lanka. We handle entire operations of transshipment cargo as per our customers’ requirement. We also cater to customers who requires a transshipment to process through Sea to Air & Air to Sea.


As we are all aware that Port of Colombo serves as an important terminal in Asia due to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean. With the support of Sri Lanka Customs and Sri Lanka Ports Authority we are able to provide entire solution to Suppliers and the Consignee in means of Entrepot operation. Goods imported for Entrepot trade could either be directly re-exported or deposited in a bonded warehouse for subsequent re-export with or without processing.

Information related to Customs procedures could be obtained from the official website of Sri Lanka Customs:

Imports & Re- Export

Our Imports are mainly based on the Duty Free items like Liquor, Beer, Wine, Cigarette, Electronics and other products that has a higher demand and that can re-exported. These imports could either be directly re-exported or deposited in the bonded warehousefor distribution to our customers. Our Imports are being deposited in the bonded warehouse belonging to Sri Lanka Ports authority, Colombo Harbour which is very convenient for us to deliver/ship. Our main concern is to provide high level of service for the shortest time required to fill and deliver the orders.